Course 24b 2021 – COURSE CANCELLED

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Course 24b 2021 – COURSE CANCELLED

Investigating the Haunted

This course is suitable for students of all levels. During the week, we will be investigating the phenomena that can be found in haunted locations. Known sites, around and within ‘The Arthur Findlay College’, will be explored. Two of these are outside locations, so bring sensible shoes. Some locations within the college are not usually accessible by students on any other week, so take advantage of this opportunity.

We will experiment with Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), spirit photography, hand held equipment, ethereal, overnight infrared camera, mediumship, and more. There will be separate groups for new investigators and the more experienced investigators, although we will come together for some sessions. Both groups will have the opportunity to work with all tutors.

There is an off-site investigation, for one evening, to a known haunted location. If you have attended my course before, there will be opportunity for you to choose your own team for this location. A further expense will be incurred, for travel and entrance to the site. This should be no more than £40 per person. We should return to the college around 11pm. All investigations are under the guidance of experienced Investigators.

Please bring with you a pen and notebook, coat, flashlight, camera, a digital voice recorder, and any paranormal equipment you already have. For anyone with a physical disability contact Stella first to see if all sites are accessible for you.

I look forward to having you as part of my team. Places are limited, so please secure your booking.

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