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Course 24b 2025

Shamanic Heart & Soul


Can you state in all honesty that your Heart and Soul is the passion that fuels your life and your life’s work, do you walk through your life with joy or in a fog? Maybe you feel that there is just something missing, a little space inside that nothing seems to fill. Perhaps the adventure is waiting to begin!!!

To see a World in a Grain of Sand, and a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour. By William Blake

One of my many favourite quotes, but a metaphor for the right way of looking at life’s lessons and opportunities. The grain of sand may be small, but it has survived for thousands of years and holds many tales of the shifting sands of time. We too often feel too small, inadequate and not powerful enough to make significant changes. But we are powerful beyond measure, we just have to discover that inner power. Nature is a great teacher, it demonstrates the need for change so that life does not stagnate, it teaches to let go to recognise completion. It teaches us to grow in good and fertile environment that feeds and nourish us so that growth is abundant, it helps us to belong, to have our space but as part of the greater whole.

Nature shows us that God is everywhere, it allows us to seek our spiritual path in our way and time, to find that key that opens the door to Heart and Soul and finally see that we are a very significant part of the great plan of creation, and as such to live life fully, with passion and love for every moment.

Course content:

We are part of the Divine Plan

Ceremony for life

Earth wisdom teachings

Spirits of nature

Drum journeys to deeper consciousness

Natures healing power.

The Elements and seasons of life.




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