Course 24b 2022

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Course 24b 2022

Investigating the Paranormal

The aim of this course is to investigate and try to answer the following questions.

Exactly what is paranormal phenomena?

Can people, as well as old buildings and graveyards be haunted?

What is E.V.P?

Can we photograph images of those in the spirit world?

How do we use mediumship to assist our investigations?

What is it like to sit in a message séance?

Come and join us, on a serious investigation to a local venue, including Stansted Hall itself. For this field trip there will be an extra fee, to pay for entrance to the site and coach travel. It should be around £45 each, and will be collected a day or so before the trip by myself, the course organiser. This is so that I can pay the fees to the coach driver and entrance to the site. This trip is optional.

There will be sittings available during the week. However, this is an intensive week, and most of the time will be given to assist you in your investigations. 

There will be an extra fee for entrance and travel to a couple of the field trips. This should not be more than £45 each.

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