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Course 26a 2023

Living with Sensitivity

Do you want to learn how to live with your sensitivity in a positive way? Do you feel you are too sensitive to live in this modern society with the bombardment of negativity which occurs on a daily basis through media and people’s insensitive behaviour?

What is a HSP? Highly sensitive person.

Eileen Garret, who from her generation was the most tested medium from a scientific perspective said “I am often asked what is the state of mind in which one is able to function as a sensitive. I believe that the beginnings of this state lie in the development of an inner calm which is free from distractions and desire”

During this week not only will be examining how your sensitivity functions but give you tools to help you manage to steer your life force with both joy and enthusiasm. As well as groups and workshops helping you unfold mediumistic ability and potential in both the psychic and evidential mediumistic disciplines, we will be looking at 10 steps

  • Sensitive behaviour and how to control that which you currently think you can’t
  • Once that is achieved confidence will grow
  • Meditation and Attunement practices to strengthen the spirit within you in your daily life
  • Being able to access more accurate information from the spirit world and sustain the power which manifests when in the psychic or mediumistic mode
  • Allowing the light of your spirit to shine freely without the fear of judgement from yourself or others
  • Understanding that your nervous system is part of the process and as such learn to control your nerves and not allow them to control you
  • Dream state experiences. Are they induced by the spirit world, is it your spirit power awakening in sleep state or personal anxiety?
  • You will be encouraged to keep a journal of your daily experiences
  • There will be sessions some evenings for your own personal reflection and inspirational writing.
  • Through the power of inspiration of Matthew’s spirit team you will be given a personal affirmation on the course to facilitate your understanding.


Albert Einstein said “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. “

This course is innovative and offers a totally different approach.

Are you willing to investigate further?

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