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Course 26a 2024

The Sensitive Medium

During this course we will be helping you understand how your sensitivity functions within Mental Mediumship. Many questions will be answered and more will be asked! That is the nature of someone who is unfolding their spiritual awareness with integrity. How does your imagination play its part or as the spirit refer to as “The mirror of the mind”. When is this engaged and why does it become overactive? Discover new innovative ways which will be directed and inspired from the spirit world under the guidance of the Tutors. Sustaining the link, understanding the spiritual power which guides all inspired mediumship.

How can you build your relationship with the discarnate power through Spiritualism’s third Principle “The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels”

The spirit is calling you to bring clarity into your awareness when blending with the power. Together we will be investigating:

  • A B C Attune Blend Communicate
  • Evidential Mediumship – Attunement, building the contact with Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Clairvoyance – The Active States – Student Demonstrations with constructive feedback.
  • Looking at Private Sittings and Spiritual Assessments – how the medium approaches these fields of ability with guidance from your spirit team.
  • Facets of Spirit Art – Soul Journey/Auragraphs/Spirit portraits
  • Entrancement and Trance Mediumship – The Passive States

We will also have some experimental sessions which will include EVP and Spirit photography.

When you as a medium surrender into the power all things are possible. TRUST that which trusts you in this encouraging supportive environment.

All the above and more will endeavor to bring a deeper understanding to the calling of “Spiritual Mediumship.”

The programme will comprise of Workshops: Tutorials: Specialized Talks; Groups: Experimental Sessions

“Be who you are born to be”

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