Course 26a 2025

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Course 26a 2025

The Sensitive Medium

Sensitivity is an integral part of your being. Do you fully understand it? What tools can help you live a productive and meaningful life as a valued member of the Human Race?

Sensitivity is more than an emotion. It is a doorway in which your spirit manifests its perceptive powers and the Union of minds from the other world in so many different ways. This will be a week of pure experimentation. We will be looking at how your sensitivity functions in those powers.

Active Evidential Mediumship

Psychic Awareness

Trance Communication

Trance Speaking

Spiritualist Healing

Art and Creative powers including writing.

Whilst there will be groups, workshops, tutorials. and lectures enabling the learning experience there will be many more opportunities to be enlightened.

FACT – We have to understand our sensitivity before anything else, In doing so we are building a firm foundation.

FICTION – The phrase “leave it to spirit”

FACT – Sensitivity when heightened is a partnership of minds, therefore we are breathing life into the SNU 4th Principle “The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels”

Join us on this pathway of progression.

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