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Course 26b 2022

Above and Beyond

Do you feel uncertain of what the next step of your mediumship is? When you are working do you become hesitant in knowing what to do with information or how to unfold the story of it? Are you unsure of how to move your mind above what you feel you should be doing so that you are able to follow the power of the spirit? Do you want to reach beyond where you are in your work, but you are just not sure how to achieve that?  If these are questions that you are asking yourself then this course is for you!

As mediums we have a list of what we feel we should be doing and providing, but ultimately it should be about the spirit world and what they want to say along with the experience we have with them. This course is designed to look at your work in a way that helps you recognise the steps you can take to make those changes. Becoming more aware of the experience you are having and not just being the deliverer of information is a very special and precious thing that we don’t always acknowledge but will be given attention within this week. You will work at taking the first impression of a story to unfold and develop in a way that helps you understand more about your own mediumship and the way that you interpret information as the individual along with maintaining your own uniqueness.

The week will be about you taking new steps with new perspectives on yourself and your work. We intend the week to be challenging, fun, and a week of bringing the joy back into your work to help you realise the steps you have taken to go Above and Beyond your expectations and understand there are no boundaries or limitations in what we can achieve!

We all feel we’re not good enough in our work….but it’s about being good enough for you!!! When we open our hearts and minds to that, then we realize that we are already good enough for the spirit world!

We look forward to you joining us for a fabulous week.


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