Course 28b 2025

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Course 28b 2025

Trance and Experimental Art

This week we will attempt to remove those limitations we place upon ourselves and allow the Spirit to inspire through us, and enable the minds of the Spirit world to communicate through us to a greater degree, by moving into that wider expansion of creativity.

You will be encouraged to work in your own unique style, pushing the boundaries of what we perceive to be possible.

We will experiment with new and alternative ways of expressing the power and energy that emanate with different waves of consciousness.

The Course is suitable for all levels of experience, and will include;

  • Meditation for Inspiration
  • Experimental Creativity
  • Understanding Levels of Consciousness
  • Trance and Automatic Art
  • Spirit Portraits and Evidential Mediumship
  • Demonstration Art
  • Private Sittings, Soul Readings and Spiritual Assessments

Basic materials will be provided but please bring your own art materials and equipment if you prefer.

If you are ready to remove the barriers, bring an open mind and a willingness to experiment, then please join us on a fun filled week with like-minded Spiritual people.

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