Course 2a 2021 – COURSE CANCELLED

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Course 2a 2021 – COURSE CANCELLED

Healing Mediumship for the 21st Century

Please note that this is not a trance healing week. It will focus upon the development of the relationship between the healing medium and the spirit healers and the future development of healing mediumship.

We have seen recent developments in mediumship bringing together different aspects, such as trance and healing; healing and physical; both passive and active simultaneously; into single events. Types of mediumship that were once thought of as separate and should not be mixed, are now being brought together.

“Your mind is capable of so much more; stop placing your abilities into little boxes and separating them. We can work with you in all aspects of your mediumship, at the same time.” John – spirit control of Steven Upton.

I believe that the future development of mediumship is in the area of ‘multi-tasking’; and in particular, enhancing the healing effect by bringing together all types of mediumship.

During this week, there will be an experimental healing séance, tutor demonstrations, lectures and tutorials; however, the main focus will be group work. This is where we give time to each student to practice under the guidance of experienced tutors. There will also be a limited number of private sittings available.

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