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Course 32a 2025

Mindfulness & Wellbeing for the sensitive soul

Maureen Murnan CSNU – Course Organiser & Othman Haddad, Sound Therapist, International Teacher, Author, Medium.

Mindfulness is an essential tool for being grounded and in a state of awareness, helping us to understand who we are, and where we want to be in this life, as well as the direction we choose to create for our future.

Self-responsibility means developing ourselves as well as our gifts, to become authentic and strong in our commitment to our life and work. Sensitives are empathic souls that are in danger of absorbing the burdens of others, mindfulness is a big step towards giving you greater clarity in your choices and decisions, building confidence in one’s own ability to follow your own directive, not dwelling in the past nor fearful of the future, but engaged in the now, fully aware of the present moment. Once we learn how to serve the self then we will know how best to serve the Spirit.

This exciting course will give you time to focus on yourself, working with ancient vibrational energies to open our Soul, Heart and Mind to being fully authentic.

You will get an opportunity to experience Sound Therapy techniques like rhythm, voice and instruments to help you connect with your heart and with your real Self, and voice sound to connect with the healer within you.

Breath work aims to help you release tensions and calm your thinking. As well as Colour breathing.

If you know that now is the time to look deeply at your own needs, to bring together fragmented parts of your sensitive power and ability, then this journey is for you.

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