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Course 32c 2025

A Souls’ Journey –
‘Our Many Selves’, Subtle Energy Bodies and the Spirit Within

This short course focusses on both personal and spiritual development.


Together we will explore energy awareness, consciousness and meditation with the aim of expanding your knowledge and experience on your ‘Souls’ Journey’.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the subtle energy bodies that make up your spiritual self and work with these to expand your spiritual awareness and faculties.

Unlock your true potential by exploring the Divine Spark in contemplative practices and with the spirit world.

Experiment with your expanded consciousness and deepen your connection with the spirit world.

Sit in the power of the source; engage in self-healing and work with the power of intention for healing.

 You will learn meditation techniques and how they benefit your wellness and your work.

On this course you will learn through tutorials, groupwork and pair work with many exercises to work with; there will be handouts.

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