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Course 36b 2022

Healing Through the Hands of Spirit

During this unique and individual course we will utilise the power of Healing in all bringing together the energies of healers and Spirit to work in harmony and balance.

This is a Spiritual course enabling each healer to create the perfect healing environment for all.

Experienced or beginner this course offers you personal time to advance your healing abilities and expand your knowledge further every day.

You will keep a Healing Journal provided on arrival to ensure your achievements are recorded for you.

We will include… Spiritual Healing -Healing through Words -Meditation-

Colour – Energy Work- Trance Healing- Medical Intuitiveness and more.

Workshops for you to experience many different forms of healing. How to establish your own healing group. Circles for developing the altered states of consciousness, absent/distance healing, and experimental sessions. Spend an evening in the presence of Dr James and discuss with him the way ahead, for yourself, your patients and the world.

We will also explore Neutrino healing with the guidance and teaching power of Libby’s Spirit, Doctor James who will be directly sharing his knowledge and empowering you.

A very busy and spiritual course that promise to open your heart, mind, and spirit to Healing through the hands of spirit.

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