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Course 35 2025

Mediumship, Aspiring to Excellence

Real mediumship is the grace of true communion, with ourselves, the world around us, and the spirit. It is to awaken to the divine mystery and miracle of life and remember who we really are as spiritual beings of limitless potential. To find our way home to ourselves means to recognise our eternal nature and realise we can never be separate from spirit. Communication cannot be manufactured, for it is natural a ‘state of the soul’ an act of love.

An invitation awaits you to explore the very depth and breadth of your mediumistic nature in a manner that encourages the natural expression of mediumship. Realising that each person responds to, and is influenced by, the spirit in a unique way and it is in the understanding and recognition of this, that excellence can be achieved.

Have you a desire to go beyond self-imposed boundaries, so often created by a need to be safe, within areas of mediumistic expression, to be able to discover your true potential?

Do you feel inspired by the standards of our pioneers whose mediumship shone with a light of integrity and excellence?

Have you ever felt there is something more or greater to which you aspire?

Is cultivating a spiritual attitude as important as developing your mediumistic powers of awareness?

Then why not join Eileen and her dedicated team to help you rediscover your mediumship in a transformative way, that enables you to truly trust and experience your soul’s potential. Where the emphasis and focus are on the needs of the individual and how best to facilitate a stronger connection with the spirit world, to achieve excellence in a natural way.

During the course you will have the opportunity to;

  • Explore, how to convey deeper levels of communication, which convey emotional significance.
  • Learn how to form new patterns within your mediumship, enabling greater potential for growth.
  • Discover how the ‘grace of letting go’ enables trance states to be experienced.
  • Try different spiritual practices to enhance a greater sense of well-being.
  • Explore seership and prophecy and look at its relevance and accuracy in relation to mediumship.

The course will be packed with informative lectures, workshops, specialist groups and an opportunity to put all you have learned into practice with student demonstrations. All designed with your needs in mind. After all it will be you shaping the future of Spiritualism. Raising the standards of tomorrow, begins by aspiring to excellence today.

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