Course 35a 2021 – COURSE CANCELLED

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Course 35a 2021 – COURSE CANCELLED

Aspiring to Excellence

This Course is for Intermediate to Advanced Students Only

Are you striving to perfect your mediumistic abilities?

Have you a desire to go beyond a self-created comfort zone? Or to move beyond your own limits into the freedom to experience your own potential?

Do you feel inspired by the standards of our pioneers whose mediumship shone with a light of integrity and excellence?

Have you ever felt there is something more or greater to which you aspire?

Is cultivating a spiritual attitude as important as developing your mediumistic powers of awareness?

Then why not join us on a course where the most important thing is to learn to listen to the spirit, where the emphasis and focus is on the needs of the individual, on how we can help facilitate a stronger connection with the spirit world to achieve excellence? Excellence within the quality of the communication, with one-to-one private sittings, demonstrating and public speaking.

How can we learn to have clarity, accuracy and meaning within our communication with the spirit world? Let’s find out…

Of course there will be the normal group work but additionally there will be a specialist group with an expert tutor, either in demonstrating, how to improve your private sittings, inspired speaking or working in the trance states. You choose…the choice is yours, whichever aspect you wish to focus on. After all, it will be you shaping the future of Spiritualism and raising the standards of tomorrow.

The week will include:

• Specialist groups focusing on chosen subjects
• Daily student demonstrations
• Perfecting and refining communication with the spirit
• The nature and purpose of trance
• Preparation for working with the public in all aspects of communication
• All this and more.

Let us build on today the foundation of truth, to learn to trust that it is the invisible which sustains the visible, that there is a higher power, a higher purpose, urging us to follow the calling of the spirit to build a brighter future for all, by leaving behind a blazing trail of excellent standards that wipes away the shadow of doubt and brings comfort to the bereaved.

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