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Course 35b 2023

Britten Museum & Library Study

Study – Research Weeks

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This week is designed for those wishing to use the “Britten Museum and Library” resources in the pursuit of gaining first-hand insight into the development of Modern Spiritualism, and the history of National Spiritualism resulting in the birth of the “Spiritualist’s National Union”.

Our bound weekly journals give account of the development of our movement since 1870, the growth of our societies, the many phases of both physical and mental mediumship, and our pioneers who worked so tirelessly often against great opposition to establish our movement that we enjoy today.

Your Research – Study visits will be supported under the guidance of Museum Curator and Librarian, Paul Gaunt. Students will have access to the important major Spiritualistic journals of the day, “Medium & Daybreak, The Two Worlds, and Light etc., library and the Museum, which hold direct-trance art, psychic photography, and much more, where you can study and research all aspects of our history.

PowerPoint discussions can be available on early mediumship physical mediumship, Hydesville, our Seven Principles and Helen Duncan etc. An audio library is being established so voices of some well-known guides, controls, communicating spirits can be heard.

This opportunity is strongly recommended for those studying for an SNU course, a university degree, writing a paper for publication, or simply furthering your general knowledge about Spiritualism and our history.

We may ask our students to use their phones or iPads to receive copies of journals etc. However, some material is fragile, although scans will be available on some materials. Some of the material is restricted under copyright law and available for information only.

All those intending to book should contact Paul first to make sure any specialised subject material is available: CURATOR@SNU.ORG.UK

Places are limited to around four students a day so Paul can give as much attention as possible to each student. Larger groups studying the same subject can be booked.

This is generally not a residential course, but accommodation may be available if required – Prices on application

Lunch £16.00, Dinner £16.00

Alternatively, accommodation is available in the village; a list is available on request.


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