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Course 37a 2024

Shamanic Connection –
Animal & Nature

You don’t ‘have’ a life, you ‘are’ life. The One Life, the one consciousness that pervades the entire universe and takes temporary form to experience itself as a stone or blade of grass, as an animal, a person, a star or a galaxy.
Eckhart Tolle

The Shamanic journey opens our life path to a greater understanding of our relationship with Nature and all aspects of the Animal Kingdom. We are human animals, and our existence is closely connected with life, and survival in life, with our animal family.

Nature is the greatest of teachers, providing not only food, but medicine, building materials of all kinds as well as security and balance as we experience life’s journey.

For many humans, when our connections with the animal/nature side of our growth is dis-connected we feel lost and unsure of our purpose and direction. We search for that elusive track that will lead us back to a belonging and understanding of our roots.

This course is aimed at finding the many ways to re-connect with who and what we truly are, by re-establishing the natural relationships we had as children. Nature does not reject us, we loose the naturalness of our nature connection.

Course content.

Ceremonies of life and Nature around the fire pit

Drum Journeys to find our nature spirit

Healing with the heartbeat drum

Animal Kingdom and our human nature

Animal teachers/guides and helpers

Creative nature

Soul flight -Trance journey through sound

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