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Course 39 2024

Mediumship and spiritual Development

The universe in which you reside is magical and powerful. It is the totality of universal consciousness and is mind energy, it is also perfect. It contains the sum of all that was and ever will be for your existence while you reside within it”.

Traveling a spiritual path is not about seeking experiences, but unfolding our spiritual nature and letting it have more influence within our lives. By awakening to the spiritual way of life, we have the capacity to become more at one with the creative power of the universe. Through spiritual self-development, we become aware of the spirit that we are, and how it interconnects with the power of all life and the spirit world. To develop ourselves, we must be willing to progress and to be open to new experiences, letting go of old thoughts and patterns of life that no longer have any place within our existence.

If we wish to discover a greater truth, then we must be prepared to let go of the restrictive ideas about life, spirit and ways in which we can develop.

The physical mind is the power that controls our thoughts concerning the outer world: the world in which we live and have our being. It is constantly full of thoughts of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. There is also an inner world: a world that calls us to embrace the inner silence and peace to awaken the power to love and recognise the divine force that we truly are.

Seeing beyond limitations, we find truth in all things and allow the realisation of the spirit that we are to develop and allow to shine through in this life.

The gift of mediumship is ancient and continues to grow in our modern world. We are constantly seeking to find more and better ways of understanding the many pathways of the spirit.

Understanding the naturalness of this unfolding process is perhaps the most difficult and frustrating. In its simplest form, mediumship is the ability to become one with the spirit, for a short while to become the voice of those who have moved into a different state of existence through that moment, we call death. It is not an ending but a continuation of existence. The spirit world is a world of light and mind, where we continue to exist. The purpose of communication is to prove the continuation of life in the knowledge that love, like life, is eternal.

In recognizing that we are part of the divine force or God, we begin to become more aware of this miracle of existence, by embracing the qualities of love, compassion, understanding and patience within the spiritual pathway we become a reflection of the creative force, leading to a greater unification of mind, body, and spirit.

When mediumship is created with spiritual purpose, there exists a great outpouring of love, and through compassion, a healing is created, that not only opens the vision to the spirit world, but also brings together the two worlds and our individual belief becomes an Absolute.

This week is a perfect opportunity to unfold personal development. Each day we shall be sitting in the power of the spirit, looking at different techniques to stimulate and enhance the ability to communicate and explore the world of the spirit.

This is an intensive practical week designed to strengthen Mediumistic and Spiritual  Development and enhance inner confidence whilst unfolding the potential of Mediumship

During this week you will be encouraged to step out of your normal comfort zone, to become stronger and more focused in all aspects of mediumistic development, while being supported by a team of tutors who have a wonderful knowledge and reverence of the spirit.

Topics that will be covered will include:

  • Mediumship, the spiritual purpose, and practice
  • The journey of the soul through creative expression
  • Mediumistic and Spiritual development
  • Meditation and Prayer
  • Understanding the Mystical experience
  • Living the power of now
  • How to create sacred space to build inner strength and create harmony
  • Sitting in the Power
  • Artistic and creative Mediumship working with colour
  • Private sittings and public demonstrating techniques
  • The mystic and the prophet
  • Working with the public


“Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is an ocean”

Enjoy the journey.

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