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Course 40 2025

Trance, a Deeper Meaning

“In the universe there are things that are known and things that are unknown and in-between there are doors” William Blake

Join Eileen and her team of inspiring tutors, together bringing you an offering of dedicated support. To enable, encourage, and nurture the natural progression of your innate potential within the trance states.

The trance states can be described as a graceful surrendering to the spirit. Rarely, if ever, does this most sensitive of states develop in an instant, but rather is a moving of the mind towards a deeper blending and oneness. A blending with the power of great souls, whose presence is pure love, where we are able to glimpse the eternal.

Throughout the history of Spiritualism, the voice of the spirit has been the source of insight, healing, prophecy and knowledge. Within the trance states our mediums have performed miraculous healing, defied the logic of more rational minds, conveyed proof of life eternal, and have used every form of creative expression. To reveal the lengths of what can be achieved when surrendering to a limitless power.

The ethos of the week will be on creating a supportive environment to foster greater growth, and trust in ourselves and the spirit. Free from the need to compete, we are able to just be! Then, it becomes possible to simply allow, enabling the intelligence of the spirit to be expressed.

Course contents;

  • Find out what meets the criteria of trance?
  • Understanding your sensitivity and responses to spirit influence.
  • Creative expression and the altered states.
  • Explore the many roles of trance mediumship.
  • Experience trance demonstrations
  • Find out how to move beyond the distractions created by the mind.
  • Trance healing

If you feel a deeper calling to explore and experiment within the trance states, maybe it is time to listen to the still small voice of the spirit and unlock the door of your potential.

As trance medium, J.J. Morse stated “The trance state is the doorway to the spirit world, where the higher capacities of human nature reside”.

A whole new world of possibility awaits!

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