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Course 41b 2025

The Presence, The Essence and You

Do you feel when you’re working that there’s still something missing?

Do you want to understand how to bring the feeling of the communicator’s presence into your work more for both you and your recipient?

Do you feel that you’re getting good evidence but still not bringing your communicators ‘alive’ enough?

Are you desperate to get a deeper connection with your contacts so that everyone is touched by the power of their presence and the sense of them being in the room?

Then this is a week to help you discover all of that and more!

We strive endlessly through our determination and passion to provide good, detailed evidence in our contacts, but we have overlooked a great need to bring more feeling and essence into our work. Presenting accurate details and specific evidence is admirable and it’s our job as a medium, but without the feeling of them we still haven’t done our job properly or to its fullest potential. To be able to bring someone’s loved one ‘alive’ again through the presentation and feeling of their presence and essence could bring magical moments to both your sitter and to yourself when working with your communicators.

This week will be very much focussing on how to work more with the inclusion of feeling and emotion in your connection and with your communicator in addition to your evidence. You will be working to bring the story of their life back to life, so this becomes your experience to verbalise and articulate, ultimately bringing so much more to your work that you didn’t realise was there all the time. Remember, these people lived and loved and being able to share that again with their loved ones is something that will be so rewarding and satisfying for all involved.

In all the readings that we will do throughout our spiritual work, people may forget some of the things that we may say to them, but they will never forget how we made them feel! So, if you want support in your work to achieve that then join us for this enriching week.

You will be supported throughout the week by a great team of tutors. They will be helping you to understand how you are working and where to move your focus and attention to achieve this lovely balance. A magical week of being in the presence of love and life.

I look forward to seeing you there. Lynn

This course will finish at 6pm on the Friday.

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