Course 43a 2025

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Course 43a 2025

Purer Blending with Spirit

(Mastering your Mediumship/understanding how it works)

Evidential Mediumship is the key to confident Mediumship.

This course will be structured to encourage YOUR individual Mediumship, giving you many opportunities to practice, during workgroups, tutorials etc.


  • Meditation and attunement/sitting in the power
  • Preparation techniques, plus understanding interaction
  • Workshops daily to allow you to work and interact with Spirit
  • Public Mediumship plus private sittings
  • Exploring energies for trance/physical Mediumship
  • Spirit writing/art/speaking and healing explored.

The world needs true Mediumship more than ever before.

Our Pioneers laid the foundation – will you take up the challenge to help promote Mediumship for the future?

Val was trained solely by Spirit and believes if you give your time your guides will push you forward.

Are you ready?


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