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Course 43c 2023

Soul Quest – Discovering the ‘Philosophers Stone’ Within


The ‘Philosopher Stone’ was thought to represent a mystical key inside us.  This course is a personal spiritual quest for the soul to discover the hidden power, potential and truth within.

By working with and discovering our mediumistic abilities, understanding our psychic senses and allowing our soul to seek the power and potential within, we attain the spiritual states required to allow the soul quest experience to deepen and expand on the spiritual truths within the human condition.

Throughout the course there will be opportunities through varied experiences to aid your personal growth, as it’s meant to be, included will be;

  • Connecting with spirit, for communication, written and spoken philosophy, personal development.
  • Personal growth & reflection,
  • Understanding the Power & Consciousness for varied spiritual & Mediumistic states,
  • Improving the mediumistic connection,
  • Inspiration and experimenting through colour and creative exercises,
  • We may look at healing and any other spiritual practices that suit the course as a whole.

This week is about transformation: unlocking the mystical key, the ‘philosopher stone’s’ power within, to journey from our current understanding towards a richer knowledge of the duality of our spiritual self within the human experience.

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