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Course 44a 2025

Journey into the World of Trance

Join Andrej and his team on a voyage of discovery as we will explore together the Trance dimensions and you will discover your unique interaction with your Spirit Team and learn to explore that joint potential.

This week is suitable for those who want to learn about Trance and for existing Trance Mediums who want to deepen and expand the Trance process.

This week is an ideal opportunity to explore all forms of the Trance State to enable you to understand what resonates with you and your Spirit Team and how to develop that skill.

This will include:

Trance Healing: You will learn to surrender to the Healing Intelligence and allow the Healing Energy to flow through you unhindered.

Trance Speaking: You will learn to allow the Intelligence of the Spirit World to speak, unhindered by your normal human thought and ideas.

Trance Communication: You will learn to communicate with The Spirit World at a far deeper level and share the energy of discarnate Spirit, and the intelligence of the Spirit World to help others at all levels of their being.

This is a week of experimentation and of deepening the link that you already have and to learn how to fully share your mind with the Spirit World and the wonderful energies that interact with you.

Your uniqueness is your strength NOT your weakness and this will be encouraged not only by a team of expert tutors at the college but also by the teachers from the Spirit World who are ready to support you in your Trance Development

This week will be a wonderful journey into the world of Trance, and we very much look forward to working with you and your Spirit Team.

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