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Course 45a 2025

The Power and Presence of Entrancement

The wonderful trance medium Mr J J Morse states that the trance state is the doorway to the spirit world, where the higher capacities of human nature reside. The trance state is the key used to transcend the environment of mortality and ascend into the domain of spirituality.

This course has very experienced tutors who work in the trance state, and it will be focused on giving the students the opportunity to learn and to have their own personal experiences in the altered states consciousness.

The students will also see various trance demonstrations given by the Tutors.

We will use both old and new techniques to help you achieve the various levels within the trance states, encouraging and supporting you on your own personal journey.

We will be looking at how the trance state can help develop your other mediumistic abilities, healing, communication, and philosophy.

This course is designed to help you build your own confidence through the group work and tutorials.

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