Course 45b 2020 – COURSE CANCELLED

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Course 45b 2020 – COURSE CANCELLED

Mediumship & The Emotional Intelligence of Spirit

This Course is for Intermediate to Advanced Students Only

‘Emotional Intelligence’ takes us even further beyond the practical evidence of our loved ones in Spirit. It is the next great leap all mediums need to achieve, to truly be representatives for Spirit. Our loved ones are so much more than a series of known, worldly facts. They have a uniqueness like us here. Every Spirit has a journey, every Spirit has a unique space in this life and beyond. To find this, we learn to work with their emotional intelligence and it includes:

• Recognition of the uniqueness of every Spirit
• Understanding who they really are and how they identify themselves then and now
• Learning about their realisations, here and beyond
• Delivery of the emotional intelligence of spirit

We are here this week because we believe you strive for quality and authenticity in your mediumship. We believe you are the future of mediumship and to get there, we will push the boundaries and find so much more to guide you to the next great leap in your work.

This course brings together the skills, knowledge and dedication of College Course Organisers – Minister Simone Key, Angie Morris OSNU and Lynn Probert CSNU. Together, we want to give you not only techniques to achieve more impact in your information but to help you bring a greater presence of Spirit to your private readings and demonstrations.

This Course is for Intermediate to Advanced Students Only

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