Course 45b 2021 – COURSE CANCELLED

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Course 45b 2021 – COURSE CANCELLED

USA & Canadian Week

Tony Stockwell is most pleased to invite all those in the USA and Canada (not excluding the rest of the world of course, all are welcome) to come and join him and his team of expert tutors at The Arthur Findlay College for a week of spiritual exploration. We will look to open a new world of spiritual knowledge for the newcomer; enhance the spiritual gifts of our intermediate delegates; and take our advanced attendees to a place where they may reach their ultimate potential as spirit workers, in a supportive and nurturing environment.

The Arthur Findlay College is steeped in history and is a unique space for psychic and spiritual advancement, which has been the catalyst of spiritual work for some of the best known spirit workers of our time. The College has often been referred to as the ‘Downton Abbey of the psychic world’.

During this course, Tony will endeavour to provide an imaginative and eclectic programme. You will witness demonstrations of both mental and trance mediumship, have an opportunity to experiment with advanced mediumistic techniques, share in experiments into spiritual healing, take part in daily meditations and enjoy some shamanic practices, in order to help your own incarnate spirit rise and meet the challenges of this course.

You will look at ‘life paths’ and ‘the souls purpose’ and how being able to read and understand these areas can enrich your readings, messages and spiritual work.

Delegates can expect:

• To increase their psychic and spiritual knowledge
• Witness trance and its associated phenomena
• Gain a greater understanding of healing modalities
• Investigate the phenomena of their own psychic gifts and how these work
• Spend time with like-minded others
• Potentially have a life changing experience

Tony works extensively in the USA and Canada and knows the demands of those audiences and what to expect when working in those territories. You will specifically look at ‘meeting the need of YOUR clients’.

Truly all are welcome from all over the world. We hope of course to really encourage our brothers and sisters over the pond to attend and to introduce them to Britain’s most prestigious and acclaimed college.

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