Course 45x 2021 – ONLINE COURSE VIA ZOOM

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Course 45x 2021 – ONLINE COURSE VIA ZOOM

Pathways to Mediumship

Monday 15th November – Wednesday 17th November 2021 with Minister Jackie Wright, Paul Jacobs CSNU and Penny Hayward DSNU. (Cost £246.00 per person)

Time 10.00 am – 16.00 pm DAILY UK TIME attending as a day student for 3 days in the Arthur Findlay College Zoom Room. We kindly ask that you check your own time zone.

This class is suitable for any level of experience of Mediumistic and Spiritual development from beginners through to advanced levels of knowledge.
Day course fee includes all online tuition in English, we cannot provide nor allow translation.
You will need access to a computer with internet access, a microphone and video facility.

Courses are held in UK TIME ZONE, London time zone.
Courses start at  10.00 am
Course end time 16.00 pm

First session        10.00 – 12.30
Break                 12.30 – 13.00
Second session     13.00 – 14.30
Break                 14.30 – 14.45
Third session      14.45 – 16.00

Pathways to Mediumship

You, the student, will be supported and encouraged within your pathway of mediumship.

We will explore demonstrating – how do you strengthen your power and presence within the demonstrating aspect of your Mediumship?

Private sittings – what are the needs of the sitter?

What are the needs of the Spirit communicator?

What are the needs of the medium? And where do the medium’s needs detract, and get in the way, of the reunion?

How do you, the medium, develop the connection to deepening the evidence?

We look forward to helping you on your journey of unfoldment.

Terms and Conditions

a) We cannot be held responsible for power outages at your end nor for your equipment failure. You will not be entitled to a refund or transfer.
b) The Arthur Findlay College operates a zero tolerance policy in respect of physical or verbal abuse towards students or tutors in the zoom class.
c) Privacy Notice. No cameras or other filming or video/audio recording equipment are to be used to capture audio/visual of the people or class content in the College Zoom room without prior permission of all participants.
The class sessions may only be recorded by the Arthur Findlay College and by registering, you give us permission to use this video and audio recording for the purpose of safeguarding.
Any recordings if they were to be initiated, will never be broadcasted without written permission of all participants.
When a recording is to take place, the tutor will announce that they will do so (referring to the privacy notice) to seek your verbal approval. The reason for recording must be given.
Content of all audio and visual recordings remains the copyright of the College and may not be used for public or commercial purposes, unless prior permission is sought.
Any public use without written permission of all participants, whether or not for gain, will constitute a breach of GDPR and Copyright Laws.
We reserve the right to record for safeguarding purposes only. Audio/visual recording would only be initiated if there were a problem in the class and used as evidence to take any appropriate action.
Only the College General Manager has authorised access to recordings. All recordings are managed and maintained within the UK legal guidance of GDPR.
d) The tutor has the full right to remove anyone from the class without reason being given.
e) If you are dissatisfied with the class, in order to be considered for a refund, you must remove yourself from the class within 2 hours of the start time and email immediately to notify us why you left the class.
Once your email and reasons are received, your comments will be considered in conjunction with the tutor and the committee decision is final as to whether you will or will not receive any form of a refund or transfer.
f) No refund will be given for missed sessions nor due to attendee equipment failure or confusions with time zones.
g) If you fail to turn up for the class on the given day, you will not be eligible for a refund or transfer.
We thank you for your booking and we hope to welcome you to the Arthur Findlay College in the near future.
Kind regards
The Reception Team
At the Arthur Findlay College

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