Course 46b 2022

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Course 46b 2022

Trance Healing

This is an intensive and cutting-edge Trance Healing Course which will build on traditional Trance Healing Techniques and experiment with new techniques and ideas which will help you develop your Trance Healing Mediumship.

This week is an ideal opportunity for exploration into the different levels of consciousness during the Healing process.

You will be encouraged and guided into an understanding of your unique connection with the Spirit World and the Healing Intelligence.

Self-growth and a sound understanding of who you are and how you interact with the Spirt World will be an essential part of the unfoldment of this week.

Your uniqueness is your strength NOT your weakness and this will be encouraged not only by a team of expert tutors at the college but also by the teachers from the Spirit World who are ready to support you in your Trance Healing Development.

Andrej Djordjevitch DSNU

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