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Course 47 2022

Discover Your Potential – Exploring Aspects of Mediumship

Novices, Beginners & Explorers of Psychism and Mediumship

This weekend is about exploring various forms of mediumship and understanding the difference between Psychism (psychic) and Mediumship. It’s a great opportunity to be adventurous, to see what sings to your Soul. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Not everyone with mediumistic abilities wants to give evidential messages. It may be that you want to learn about your ability and apply it in different ways for yourself and your own spiritual journey to begin with.

Each session will focus on different disciplines and ways to connect with Spirit, whether it be for

– Inspiration – speaking/ writing/ drawing,
– Communication – evidential mediumship,
– Healing – contact, distant or absent,
– Altered States – for Trance/ Speaking mediumship/ art,
– Connecting with your Guides,

The weekend will be packed with different experiences. It is a great opportunity to be in a safe environment, to be with like-minded people and to explore the potential within.

On behalf of the Arthur Findlay College staff, myself, and my guest tutors, we look forward to welcoming you to a weekend of Discovering Your Potential – Exploring Aspects of Mediumship.

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