Course 48b 2025

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Course 48b 2025

SNU Church Members Week

This week is dedicated to rediscovering and reviving the key elements that constituted the “Golden Age of Spiritualism” –  an Age which, reimagined, may indeed come again. All are welcome to participate in a week of spiritual fellowship, discussion, and development.

We will look to aspects of tradition, theory and practice, and developing community with facilitators who were taught by and worked with exponents such as Gordon Higginson, Albert Best, and the “Titans”of 20th century mediumship.

Our aim is to work together to revitalize the life force of our Spiritualist churches so that they may once again serve a contemporary and challenging world.


Room Type Total cost per person
Single room, basic £745.00
Single room, ensuite £895.00
Double/Twin Room, basic £595.00
Double/Twin Room, ensuite £670.00
Double/twin Room, part ensuite £635.00
Multiroom, basic £545.00
Multiroom, ensuite £595.00


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