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Course 48b 2022

Art and the Altered States

We often wish we had more time to explore our creative, and spiritual, growth. Our day to day living sees us too busy, with little or no space for self. This course offers you the opportunity to seek out this creative potential and to re-establish your confidence, within a spiritual environment.

We will experiment with colour and the psychic, spirit paintings, spirit portraits with mediumship, and sitting within the energies of the altered states. We will use exercises to help move the student into these altered states. Whilst in these energies it may be possible for you to access external information that will inspire your work.

If you are not so interested in creativity, join our experienced trance medium who will help you in trying to achieve a closer connection to those in spirit who work with you. Relaxation, and finding inner peace, is an integral part of the week, with ‘spiritual space’, each morning. There will be tutor demonstrations, as well as the availability of booking sittings with the tutors. Sittings on offer are Aura Camera, Auragraphs, Evidential, Spiritual Assessment, and Spiritualist Healing.

If you prefer to work with your own art materials, please bring these with you. Please book early, as spaces are limited. 

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