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Shamanic Wisdom – Call of the Ancestors ***COURSE FULL***

with Maureen Murnan CSNU. Saturday 2nd December 2023. (Cost £55.00 per person)

Time 07.00am – 11.00am DAILY UK TIME attending as a day student for 1 day via Zoom. We kindly ask that you please ensure that you check your own time zone.

This class is suitable for any level of experience of Mediumistic and Spiritual development from beginners through to advanced levels of knowledge. Day course fee includes all online tuition in English, we cannot provide nor allow translation.

You will need access to a computer with internet access, a microphone and video facility.


Shamanic Wisdom – Call of the Ancestors

This workshop will be about re-connecting with the wisdom and teachings of the Ancestors, they are a part of our spiritual path, having walked this Earth before us they learned how to care for, survive and learn from all other created life and nature.

Their guidance comes to us in many ways, through dreams, in our journey visions, in literature and the symbols of nature and the animal kingdom, or simply a sensation of their presence as companions and protectors upon our life journey.

Many of us feel an unexplainable pull towards a particular culture or time period, this can even be from early childhood, once we start to investigate the old ways and bring parts of the great jig-saw puzzle together we get a better understanding of our connection.

The Ancestors are always willing to share with us, the knowledge they bring is all about living a better life, sometimes as messages of strength and courage when we are uncertain, sometimes as gentleness when we have become too harsh in one way or another, and sometimes to remind us to be kind, generous, understanding, and always respectful of one another for we are all brothers and sisters with every single living being.

They remind us that we are custodians of this Earth, and we have a responsibility to the future generations to leave without trace, leaving no disturbance or destruction to the rest of creation.

This wisdom is timeless and will continue to be of benefit to humanity, nature, the animal kingdom, for as long as Earth continues, we must learn what our ancestors learned, we cannot continue to destroy that which sustain all life.

Terms and Conditions

a) AFC cannot be held responsible for power outages at your end nor for your equipment failure. You will not be entitled to a refund or transfer if this is the case.
b) Cancellations, transfers, and refunds. If you change your mind or are unable to attend for any reason.
As a consumer you have the right to cancel the course until 14 days prior to course start date to receive a full refund.
If you cancel your course within 14 days of the course start date, you will still have the right to cancel, but no refund will be given.
The right to cancel will be lost in all other circumstances.
Cancellation, refunds, or transfers may in certain other circumstances be considered if requested in writing giving reasons to email: The decision of AFC is final.
c) Once the course has started, no refund will be given for missed sessions nor due to your equipment failure, power loss or confusions with time zones.
d) Once the course has started, if you fail to turn up for the class on the given day, you will not be eligible for a part or full refund or transfer.
e) If you are dissatisfied with the class, in order to be considered for a refund, you must remove yourself from the class within 2 hours of the start time and email immediately to notify us why you left the class.
Once your email and reasons are received, your comments will be considered in conjunction with the tutor and the collegiate committee decision is final as to whether you will or will not receive any form of a refund or transfer.
f) The Arthur Findlay College operates a zero-tolerance policy in respect of physical or verbal abuse towards students or tutors in the zoom class.
g) Zoom Etiquette. Remember this is a teaching environment so we ask you to respect the other students and tutors by: Minimising distractions, don’t walk around during the class. Eating, drinking, or smoking during a video meeting is a major distraction — even more so than it would be in the office, because the camera makes people focus on your face. Dress appropriately, try to follow the same rules you would if you were meeting in person. Keep track of your mute status and avoid dialogue with people who are in your room at home whilst the class is in progress.
h) Privacy Notice. No cameras or other filming or video/audio recording equipment are to be used to capture audio/visual of the people or class content in the College Zoom Room without prior permission of all participants.
The class sessions may only be recorded for safeguarding purposes by the Arthur Findlay College and by registering, you give us permission to use this video and audio recording for the purpose of safeguarding.
Any recordings will not be shared or broadcasted without written permission of all participants.
When a recording is to take place, the tutor will announce that they will do so (referring to the privacy notice) to seek your verbal approval. The reason for recording must be given.
Content of all audio and visual recordings remains the copyright of the AFC and may not be used for public or commercial purposes, unless prior permission is sought.
Any public use without written permission of all participants, whether or not for gain, will constitute a breach of data protection and Copyright laws.
We reserve the right to record for safeguarding purposes only. Audio/visual recording would only be initiated if there were a problem in the class and used as evidence to take any appropriate action.
Only the College General Manager has authorised access to recordings. All recordings are managed and maintained within the UK legal guidance of GDPR.
i) We ask that you are respectful to all other participants in class and follow the Tutor’s directions. The Tutor has the right to remove anyone from the class where in their opinion a student is being disruptive, disrespectful or aggressive to others.
j) All classes do not constitute advice or diagnosis of any type. No recommendations or directions are given by Tutors and where a personal opinion is offered this does not constitute advice, direction or recommendation. The opinions given are those of the Tutor and do not represent the views of AFC. AFC does not guarantee the services of the Tutor and does not give any warranty in respect of their teaching. No liability is accepted on behalf of AFC for any loss or damage claim or expense (except as excluded by law) claimed by you in respect of any Sitting.
k) You consent to AFC processing your personal data for the purposes of running this course. AFC will comply with the data protection laws in England in doing so.

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