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Course 5 2020


Spiritualism is profoundly transformative when it inspires within us an attitude of becoming aware of that which is sacred within all life and promotes a personal commitment to a process of inner development that engages within us our totality.

Entrancement is a mediumistic state where we are immersed in the power and the presence of the spirit. Which supersedes the everyday awareness of the medium. By learning to understand our mediumship we enable our selves to become more receptive and improve the quality of the communication and how we respond to the influence of the spirit in a unique way.

This course aims to focus on promoting a deeper blending with the spirit world, leading to all aspects of the trance States and to awaken your spiritual potential.

  • Explore how the trance States are a natural progression of your mediumship.
  • Confidence building in the trance states.
  • Trance speaking, the wisdom and philosophy of the spirit
  • Art and the altered states.
  • Experimenting to develop trust.
  • Trance communication
  • the criteria of trance
  • experience daily trance demonstrations

All this and more on a course designed with you in mind, groups, tutorials, lectures and lots of opportunity to explore your potential in a safe supportive environment.

The pioneers of the past have Illuminated the way ahead for those who are to follow in their footsteps. Are you prepared to be a pioneer of the future? Spiritualism needs you, the spirit need you, to be there voice, are you committed to serve to take up the challenge. Then why not join us on a week of mediumistic discovery and help us shape the future of Spiritualism.

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