Course 50a 2022

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Course 50a 2022

Trance & Art

This week will endeavour to offer an in-depth journey into the relationship between the student and the spirit.

We will look at the various ways that the spirit chooses to inspire through the creative mind.

We will cover: –

• Inspirational creativity
• Art for healing
• Inspirational trance (written and drawn)
• Spirit portraiture and evidential mediumship
• Colour and creativity
• Inspirational symbology
• Demonstration art
• Private sittings, psychic, mediumistic and spiritual

Once we move into that wider expansion of the creative mind, the spirit, both our own and those discarnate souls who work with us choose to inspire in many ways. These include pictures, pattern, symbology, writings, poetry, and philosophy. This week offers an opportunity with exercises, practise, and support to explore these more expansive states.

Why not explore your creative soul?

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