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Course 50a 2023

The 21st century Science of Spiritualist Healing Mediumship

Suitable for anyone who wants to know more about Healing and the importance of consciousness in Healing Mediumship.

A journey of exploration into the skill of Spiritual Healing Mediumship, as seen from both the Spiritualists and that of the Scientist and Clinicians point of view.  Not as far apart as you might imagine.

Through the week we will work on the levels of Healing attunement including deep altered states.  There will also be techniques using equipment developed by or within the scientific community.

Together we will work on the different techniques used in Spiritualist Healing to find the one that suits you best.  Through the week you will be helped to develop your spiritual healing muscle through ‘Sitting in the Power’ exercises. Learning about the power of a Healing Circle and embracing modern digital technology to enhance our connectivity to patient/client and Spirit helpers.

Using scientific instruments, we can explore and view your experience helping each of us to understand how we are attuning to Spirit and the physical world. Watching the effect in real-time on ourselves and our patients/clients.

With a series of Lectures, tutorials and hands-on practical workshops, you should gain an in-depth understanding of your Healing Mediumship and potential.

Using the knowledge gained from this week going forward, will aid self-healing as well as being of service.  The 21st century world is in desperate need of our kind of healing expertise, we only need to review recent events which have challenged our world mentally and physically like nothing else seen since the second world war.

This week, in the tranquil setting of Stansted Hall, is the ideal time and place to re-charge your mind, body and Spirit.


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