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Course 51 2021 – COURSE CANCELLED

1970’s Inspired Christmas

The 1970’s was the decade of Glam Rock, Disco Balls, Abba, Saturday Night Fever, not to forget the flared trousers and platform shoes!

Star Wars hit our cinemas and YMCA could be heard in discos all over the World, adoring crowds joined in the iconic dance still celebrated to this day. Vinyl records were obsessively collected and music was one of the greatest influences of fashion and social scenes.

In peoples spare time they enjoyed family and friends get together’s, board games, cooking, pub quizzes and dancing.

Christmas week will combine all of our favourite things about the 1970’s all packed into one special week.

Get ready for fun and plenty of it. However, there is always time to relax as well as concentrate and indulge in all the usual activities that you are accustomed to enjoying on any College week.

Visit the Arthur Findlay College dressed for a colourful Christmas & re-kindle the magic of a bygone era. Ease yourself into Christmas with a pre festive break in the magical & adorable surroundings of the Arthur Findlay College.

Log fires & festive charm. Enjoy spiritualist experimentation’s & workshops, colourful art workshops and more.

Traditional activities will be fun and will include Craft Making, Lectures, Workshops, Spiritual Experimentation’s, Trance, Psychic Art Demonstrations, Meditation, Murder Mystery, Quizzes, Entertainment, Dancing, and a 1970’s disco gala dinner with dancing to the firm favourite tunes of the decade. Dressing up for the gala dinner finale in 1970’s costume is actively encouraged!

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