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Course 5a 2022 – COURSE CANCELLED

Mediumship, Mysticism and Prophecy


“The purpose of all spiritual practise is transformation of being, any inner change immediately reflects upon our outer being” Gordon Higginson.

Mediumistic powers are not so much developed as revealed, when we recognise our true nature and begin to remove all the conditioning, which prevents us recognising this as an integral part, of who we are as spiritual beings. It is the journey back home to our authentic selves.

To give a communication from the spirit world is not enough in itself. It should lead us to the very threshold of our awakening… be a stepping stone to a larger life a fuller life beyond the limited horizon of ordinary existence.

Mystical experience opens our inner vision enabling a capacity to become at one with all life.

Join Eileen and an extraordinary team of experienced tutors, where spirituality really is the heart of the matter.

During the course, we will cover:

• How to cultivate a deeper relationship with the spirit, naturally empowering your mediumship.
• Explore the nature of seership and prophecy and look at its relevance and accuracy.
• Cultivate the natural ability to listen to heart intuition, beyond the intellect to connect with the power of your spirit.
• Discover the role of the sub conscious mind, in relation to mediumship and how limiting concepts of ourselves can inhibit our abilities and what we can do to change this.
• learn about the inner language of dreams.
• Find out how the metaphysical poets were mystics and visionaries and how to access your potential to be in the flow of inspiration, to speak and write and truly inspire.
• Experience the trance states as a progressive expression of the power.

How can you trust an invisible power unless you first trust your own self? How can you be aware of other realities, unless first you are aware of this one, to be fully present within yourself and to truly listen without judgement.

During the course, there will be plenty of opportunity to explore your potential with workshops, tutorials, and group work all designed to facilitate a deeper connection in an atmosphere, which nurtures growth, and trust in ourselves, each other and the spirit! Enabling you to be the best you can be!

Allow us to help you rediscover the magic in your mediumship and put the joy back, by shaping the future and shaping lives, with the power of belief!



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