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Course 5a 2024

The Magic of Spirit

There is nothing that the Spirit World can’t do if it’s for the better good. That’s what I think. But I also think we need to take responsibility in our work and to learn what actually is from spirit or from your own spirit and soul.

How do we know the difference and how can we be better and more honest in our work? 

We have a tendency to forget our own power and rely on, and put responsibility on, the spirit world. But you are spirit as well, and you have a lot of power to use and to work with.

It’s important to stand in your own power and not give it away to the sitter or the audience. To trust, and to be the link between the two worlds is so magical, and healing can take place. 

During this week we will experiment with different techniques and ways to work with spirit, and have some fun, but at the same time learn more about how you and your mediumship is working.

It’s not a week for you to perform, but a week of learning, understanding, and exploring working with spirit.

This week is for beginner to intermediate students 

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