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Course 5a 2025

The Soul Journey

New course different concept for 2025 given under the guidance of Spirit World.

There is a plan. Some people refer to it as destiny. During this innovative course we will be helping you discover/enhance the powers of your own spirit and the Soul’s purpose. What are the life lessons you need to accomplish in this physical life? Which aspects of your personality need encouragement and direction? How can you define between imagination and when it is overactive? What is the Soul and the relationship with your spirit self?

We will be using teaching methods to help in this necessary process of living in the power of your own spirit as you navigate your life’s destiny. Is free will fact or fiction?

Get to know the spirit powers who influence your mind in Mediumship. Do they exist? What rational evidence can be given of their existence.

Meditation and Attunement techniques, workshops Tutorials, Groups and more. Providing ample opportunities to experiment with the week’s focus.

This course is open to everyone who has a curious mind which is open to learning and grow in a supportive encouraging environment. Mediumship, both Evidential and Philosophical, will be part of the course.

Spirit say:

“Your spirit speaks to your sensitivity every hour of every day. Please listen. Within your Soul are all the answers for your spirit to reference if you listen and divorce yourself from emotional need and physical desire. These two aspects of need and desire are part of the pathway in understanding. Where do they stem from and what is the reason for spiritual progression?”

All this and more will be addressed in the wonderful ambience of The Arthur Findlay College.

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