Course 5b 2025

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Course 5b 2025

Mastering Energy & Mediumship

Course Organiser Janette Marshall and her Tutors
Invite Newcomers, Intermediates & Advanced Students
to join them for a week dedicated to
Mediumship, Mindfulness, Altered States,
Energy Techniques & Energy Management.

We aim to encourage and support your progress.
Join us to enhance awareness, tuning, blending, presence
and management of the energy you are and work with.

Appreciate the evolving Mechanics of Mediumship to
develop or improve your mediumistic and intuitive abilities.
Work according to your personal level, interests and goals.

Mediums, Healers, Teachers, Artists & Energy Practitioners
are welcome to explore different aspects of mediumship.
Choose your focus. Work individually, in pairs and as groups.

Valuable keys, diagrams and feedback will be offered to help
you develop greater self awareness and the confidence to
Master your Energy and your Mediumship

Lectures, Tutorials & Group Work include opportunities to experience from the following subjects:

  • Platform Mediumship
  • Private Sittings
  • Altered States & Trance
  • Healing & Philosophy
  • Spirit Art & The Healing Arts
  • Science, Health & The Medium
  • Energy Techniques & Precision Attunement

Each Course is different yet with Progressive Continuity

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