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Course 6b 2020

Communicating with Spirit: Let’s Begin!

This Course is Suitable for Beginners

Have you been considering, wishing, or feeling an inner desire or need to explore your potential as a medium for communication with the Spirit World?

Have you often thought, or even promised yourself, “one day I will”, but have been apprehensive and unsure about where and how to begin?

Had experiences that left you wondering if it was Spirit contact and about the reality of the Spirit world, or knowing it was, but now feel a pull to know more – to find the truth?

Have you taken the very first tentative steps but feel you need more knowledge and opportunity to investigate the foundations of mediumship and your potential?


This week will be a journey of self-discovery, development and adventure with the Spirit World!  You will be guided by experienced tutors in a caring, encouraging, down to earth way. We will explain with simplicity and clarity all aspects of mediumship to assist you to open the doors to your potential and the infinite possibilities of the Spirit. You will be guided as a unique individual onto the pathway of allowing your mediumship to be unique to you enabling it to be natural and flourish.

Each tutor has been exactly where you are now; therefore, we genuinely understand and respect your hesitations, hurdles to overcome such as self-doubt, fear of getting it wrong. SO! Take that step, join us, let us help and support you during these early stages and to experience the joy of Spirit communication!

The week will be full of information and opportunities for practical experience in the form of workshops, tutorials, talks and group sessions. We will explore using a variety of techniques in many ways (including fun!) to help initiate the channel to Spirit and build confidence and trust. Each day there will be time to reflect, time to share, opportunity to ask questions, and for laughter!

Subjects will include: –

  • Psychic and Spirit Mediumship
  • Mediumship and Me
  • Doorways to perception of Spirit
  • Spirit Guides
  • The role of inspiration and philosophy……..and much more!

All you need to bring is a sense of adventure and willingness to explore in an environment that will empower you to feel secure and comfortable as you will be working with others at the same stage of development!

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