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Course 8b 2025

Animal communication;
Pets and their people

This course is about recognising how pets reflect all kinds of aspects of ourselves. How we attract pets into our lives in order to learn from each other. When we understand why certain physical ailments or emotional issues arise within our pets, we can learn to understand the source and change the outcome.

Often when we work on ourselves, issues concerning our pets dissolve into thin air. This is a fascinating aspect of animal communication for those who are willing to take a good honest look at themselves and by so doing learning to understand their pets and their behaviour on a deeper level.

We will also be looking at how our pets perceive us and our behaviour, which can also be an interesting perspective and an eyeopener to understanding behavioural issues.

This course is for all animal lovers who wish to learn to connect with animals on a deeper level, seeing beyond the physical and recognising the true being they are. Let us join together to help make this world a better place for the animal kingdom.

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