Course 8b (3) 2020

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Course 8b (3) 2020

Trusting Your Trance


Join me for a two-day workshop, when we will be studying and using our trance abilities for:

• Trance Healing
• Trance Speaking
• Trance Communication

Trance Healing:

How to achieve the altered states for Healing
How to achieve a closer blending with spirit
How trance restores health, harmony & peace

Trance Speaking:

Trance Speaking can provide knowledge from the spirit world to our world, which can provide us with different aspects of philosophy to help us cope with life.

Trance Communication:

Trance Communication can bring the essence of a spirit loved-one to a loved-one here in the most loving and caring ways. This is a very powerful aspect of mediumship and has the potential to sharpen our spirit communication skills.

If you are willing to push away those boundaries of limitation and restriction, then please join me for a two-day course designed to help, support and encourage you in your understanding of trance and your ability.

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