Course 9a 2022 – COURSE CANCELLED

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Course 9a 2022 – COURSE CANCELLED

The Healing Power of Spirit

It has been said that all aspects of Mediumship have the potential to bring about healing. During this new course students will have the opportunity to explore different aspects of working with the Spirit World in order to try and help others with the healing process and also work on healing within themselves.

During the week students will have the opportunity to explore

• Spiritual Healing
• Evidential Mediumship
• The altered states including Trance Healing and Speaking
• Healing through Inspiration and Philosophy using both the spoken and written word

Time will be given for students to work on their own relationship with the Spirit World. Sitting in the Power, Self-healing, and awareness of their Souls’ need, will also form part of the week, alongside the opportunity to strengthen the blending with Spirit for the purpose of evidential communication.

This week is not only about your potential to help others: it is also about allowing yourself time to focus on your own Soul and allowing yourself an opportunity to feel The Healing Power of Spirit.

If you have an interest in exploring how The Healing Power of Spirit can help you understand more about your potential as a Healing Medium, Evidential Medium or Speaker then why not join myself and my experienced team of tutors on this new and exciting week.

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