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Course 9a 2025

Spirit Art and Mediumship in all its Glory!

I’m so happy that we once again can have a week of creativity with different teachers with different styles and different things to teach you. I’m so thrilled that once again me and Ann marie Bond is doing this week together.

Spirit portraits, auragraphs, soul pictures are just some of the things we will do this week.

Together with you we will create a magical week and maybe give you a new way of finding your ability and strengthen it.

We will show you different ways of approach doing spirit portraits because Mia is using one technic that her spirit artist has taught her which is perfect for you who don’t think you can draw.

Ann Marie will show her technic and because we are drawing so different you can learn what suits you the best or mix them both together.

You will have the opportunity to learn how to do beautiful pictures with encaustic wax and we will look at colours and how they affect us and to use them with our mediumship.

We will also look at inspirational writings which can be a great tool to add to your beautiful artwork and how music can influence us in our work.

Even if you think you cannot draw but would like to… I’m sure from my own experience that spirit will be there and teach you and you will be surprised what can happen during a week like this.

For those who are interested there will be an opportunity to demonstrate and do private readings with your artwork. 

Be prepared for a hard but fun-filled creative working week where you will reveal the true spirit artist within yourself.

We will provide some basic art material but feel free to bring along whatever you feel comfortable to use such as pencils, pastels, watercolour and maybe your own special paper.

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