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The Arthur Findlay College


Due to the increase of Covid-19 cases around the UK, our College created few simple policies to protect our students, tutors and staff:

  1. If you feel unwell, you can check your temperature at our reception and eventually request a Covid-19 test from our staff.
  2. Always wash your hands and use the hand sanitisers around the college.
  3. In case you are using the shared toilets, please inquire which toilet is assigned to you.
  4. If you test positive for Covid, you will be requested to let our staff know and self-isolate in your room, our staff will deliver water and meals 3 times per day.
  5. If you are positive for Covid, the only areas allowed will be your room and the garden avoiding contact with other people. If you are in the main building, you can use the garden exit during the following times only:

09:45 – 10:45
11:45 – 12:45
14:45 – 15:45
16:45 – 17:45
19:45 – 20:45

If you are in the Annex and in the Clock, you can use the main door but please always follow the same time to avoid contact with other people.

Please always avoid our reception if is not an emergency.

  • Please always wear a mask if you are out of your room and when you open the door to our staff for your meal delivery.
  • If you are leaving earlier due to Covid, please inform our reception staff, leave the key and avoid contact with others.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Alessandro Blasi

Deputy General Manager