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As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak across the globe, we have taken additional precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our students, colleagues, and community. The health and wellbeing of all who visit the Arthur Findlay College is our highest priority, therefore we are kindly requesting that all visitors complete our online ‘Pre-Arrival Questionnaire’ below prior to each visit to the Arthur Findlay College. This short form must be completed no sooner than 48-hours prior to your arrival.

If we do not receive your completed questionnaire, you will be refused entry. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Entry into College NOT considered without completion

Please Note: As part of our Health and Safety Protocol, everyone entering the College must present a negative Covid-19 lateral flow test or a PCR test taken in the last 48 hours, must agree to wear a correctly fitting face mask that covers the nose and mouth*.

*Medical exemptions will be considered with proof of condition. Contact the General Manager immediately.

Please complete this form 48 hours prior to arrival and then press the submit button. This form will be retained along with your contact information for a period of 28 days to comply with the obligations under the track and trace programme in relation to Covid-19.

Failure to complete the form and submit prior to arrival could result in your booking being refused on arrival and a 90% cancellation fee will apply.

    Q1 - Have you or any of your party travelled to or from any of the countries on the UK red list affected by Coronavirus in the past 14 days? (Please visit for affected countries red list). *

    Q2 - Have you or any of your party been in close contact with anyone who has travelled to any of the countries on the UK red list affected by Coronavirus in the past 14 days? (Please visit for affected countries red list). *

    Q3 - Have you or any of your party shown any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days. Please tick below to indicate the symptoms you have
    had. *
    HeadacheShortness of breathCoughing or SneezingFeverSore throatHigh TemperatureNone of the above

    Q4 - Have you or any of your party had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with or suspected of having Covid-19 within the last 14
    days? *

    Q5 - I agree and understand that upon arrival, you will check to see if I have completed the Colleges online Covid-19 Pre-Arrival Questionnaire, or you will accept my completed printed copy. It is at this point my temperature will be taken and if it is 38 degrees Celsius or above,
    unfortunately I will be denied access to the College, offered a 10% refund and a 90% cancellation fee will be retained by the College and deemed
    non-refundable. *

    Q6 - Please tick this box to consent to having your temperature checked upon arrival at each visit. *

    Q7 – Once at the College, I agree to wearing a correctly fitting face mask that covers my mouth and nose. I agree to wear it at all times in public places with the exception of being seated and eating in the Dining Room or whilst seated and drinking in the Bar.
    I understand that if I refuse to wear a mask and correctly, the College reserves the right to immediately cancel my stay and that I will be asked to leave the College and the College will retain 100% of all monies paid. *

    Q8 - I understand that the use of the facilities of the College is at my own risk and that I am responsible for following UK government
    recommendations and College Covid-19 Secure Policy regarding keeping safe. (See Covid-19 Secure Policy on our website) *

    Q9 – I understand that in the event that me or another guest displays symptoms of Covid-19 on arrival or subsequently during their stay at the
    Arthur Findlay College, the Management can reasonably believe that they pose a health and safety risk to other guests and the Staff. In this case the College Management may refuse to accommodate such a guest or quarantine the guest and insist that a PCR test and or lateral flow test to
    determine and manage the risk.
    I agree to respect and adhere to any requests made by Staff in relation to Covid safety.
    If I am required to quarantine at the College, I agree that I will pay for the extended isolation costs for food on a room service only basis and
    accommodation for the required duration. *

    Q10 - I have read and I understand the College Covid-19 Secure Policy and I agree to follow the instructions given within it.
    I agree to follow any further Covid-19 secure measures that are enforced during my stay to keep myself and others safe.
    I agree that on arrival I must show proof to the Reception Staff that I have completed a negative PCR test or negative rapid lateral flow test within the past 48 hours.
    I understand that the College cannot be held responsible for any Covid-19 or similar illness contracted, or allegedly contracted, whilst a guest is in, or has been at the College.
    I confirm that I have responded truthfully to the above questions based on my current condition and will advise the College immediately if my
    situation changes. *

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    We will immediately send you a copy of this completed form, if you do not receive it, check your inbox and
    junk folders and if you do not have your copy, contact the College Reception team immediately.

    We recommend our guests download the UK Government Covid-19 Tracker App
    Link to the app here