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Due to the historic nature of the building wheelchair/disabled access and other facilities are regrettably limited, particularly on the first and second floors, although there is a lift.

If you require disabled access or other disabled facilities please check with us before making the booking.

We aim to ensure your visit is a pleasant one and we will accept your reservation on the basis that you have informed us in writing about any disability you have, as well as other conditions such as allergies, epilepsy, asthma and diabetes amongst other conditions.

You must make us aware of any mental health reason that could make it unwise for you to stay at the College. You must tell us about any reasons that could make it unwise for you to participate in some courses, in particular altered states of consciousness (Trance).

Your safety, comfort and well-being are of paramount important to us.

It is essential that you provide full information on these aspects, if relevant to you, at the time of making your reservation or, if there are changes to your health once you have booked.

There are access points into the building that are suitable for wheelchair users. Please speak with our reception team who will give you full details in advance of your arrival so that your experience is as comfortable as possible.