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Posted By Tanya Smith College General Manager. Written by Tim Smith.


2018 marked the first Healing Week at the Arthur Findlay College under the auspice of the new Exponents Committee formed by the amalgamation of the SNU Healing and Training and Awards committees.

This year marked a return to a course dedicated to expanding the knowledge and practical experience of those students wishing to explore their own ability, to help others through attunement to the power of spiritual healing mediumship and the God Force; while at the same time offering students already on that road a chance to prepare for their up and coming assessment to become fully accredited Spiritualist Healing Mediums within the Spiritualists’ National Union.

The course was organised by the Chairman of the Exponents Committee Minister Judith Seaman, who is one of the Arthur Findlay College most experienced and popular course tutors, ably assisted by Andrej Djordjevitch DSNU(H) and Tim Smith DSNU(H) both experienced, dedicated and passionate advocates of SNU Spiritualist Healing Mediumship.

The Healing Week was designed to offer students a basic grounding in the mechanics of Healing Mediumship, and to those wishing to explore their own potential to be healers, alongside a wider chance to experience practical demonstrations of healing including: Trance Healing, Absent Healing, breathing techniques, the importance of ‘sitting in the power’ meditation and much more.   While at the same time expanding their knowledge of the art and science of Spiritual Healing through Lectures, Tutorials and experiential opportunities to enjoy the power of attunement to spirit energy.

During this week of enlightenment, two Dutch students were able to take their final assessment and become fully accredited Spiritualist Healing Mediums, while thanks to the enlightenment given during the week, eight students were given the confidence to go further and decided they would like to train to become SNU accredited healers, beginning their journey by registering with the SNU and receiving their Individual Membership of the SNU and SNUi, enrolment on the H1 basic Healing written course and registration with the Exponents Committee as a trainee Spiritualist Healing Medium.

Healing Week at the Arthur Findlay College was once again able to offer a course to suit all levels of Healing development from those exploring their own potential to those wishing to hone their skills in a safe and supportive environment.

The course leaves no one in doubt as to the wonderful power available to all of us in this physical world should we wish to engage with the God-force and help others to be healed spiritually, mentally and physically.

Positive Feedback

As an example of this power, during the week the students were encouraged to sit in a healing circle and send their healing thoughts to a number of patients scattered across the world. This dedication was rewarded by the end of the week when they received feedback on their efforts.

A patient in Finland undergoing a life threatening operation was initially helped through sleep which had been lacking prior to the healing prayers of the group and then through a rapid recovery after the operation. The medics in charge were so pleased with the miraculous progress of the patient they were preparing to discharge the patient well in advance of their previous expectation.

In the same prayer, a patient in Italy was sent healing thoughts. Again rest and sleep were administered by spirit to the patient who was suffering from a very serious physical condition which left them mentally depressed and unable to sleep or relax.

Over the week the patient’s condition improved through daily prayers sent by the healing circle. By the end of the week the patient was sufficiently recovered to be moved from a high-dependency environment to one of recovery.

An email from the family was sent to friends at the college, thanking them for their efforts and quoting the medics who said; “they were astonished by the recovery”, and also said; “he must have had a divine help”.

This positive feedback underlines the power of Spiritual Healing to help body, mind and spirit to recover. Though we never diagnose a patient or promise to heal them we always guarantee that whatever the outcome our healing prayers will be of some positive value to a patient on their journey in the physical life. It also highlights to those wishing to become spiritual healers what a wonderful life-path it is to follow.

Future Healing Courses at AFC

In the future, the Exponents Committee hope many more will take the opportunity this course offers to all those who feel they wish to help others and the planet with their healing powers and enjoy the learning experience alongside a group of like-mined people in a unique educational environment, where serious development is tempered by a friendly companionship and a joyous atmosphere where we all wish to be of service to others while progressing our own spiritual development.

It would be wonderful to see the Arthur Findlay College filled with the power of Spiritualist Healing Mediums, all working to develop their own powers and spread the knowledge and experience of what it is to be a conduit for the God-force, channelled through the Spirit healers into this physical environment by our Spiritualist Healing Mediums.

Our world and our Religion needs more Spiritualist Healing Mediums and the Healing Courses at the Arthur Findlay College and Barbanell Centre offer the best intensive development environments to become one.

The final act of the students and tutors of Healing Week 2018 at the Arthur Findlay College was to send their healing prayers to the world, to cure the inequality in humanity, to curb the violence and injustice of nations and to stop the thoughtless plunder of our environment. With more students attending the next Healing Week, we will make this an even more powerful plea for peace and love to prevail.

For more details of this and other Spiritual Healing Development Courses at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted and at the Barbanell Centre in Stafford visit our website at: