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Findlay’s Loyalty & Reward Card

The college has a loyalty programme called Findlay’s

Students who stay at the College can collect points that produce a voucher off their next stay. Registration is FREE

Rewarding our loyal students is a priority for us and we are thrilled to offer them something back  in return.

How do I register for a card?

If you have a reservation, you can register whilst you are at the college or, click here to register and start earning your points.

Once you register, your card will be waiting for you at reception.

What do I get?

The Loyalty card gives you points each time you stay at the college.

For every £10 you spend you will receive 1 point. Vouchers are issued in denominations of £25.00, any money left in your account can be added towards vouchers to be used at a later date.

Points are awarded with accommodation inclusive spend only.

When can I get my points for this week’s course?

Please collect your points whilst you are at the college they cannot be issued in advance of your stay.

See above for the Full terms and Conditions

The Cards will only be issued to people with current or future bookings confirmed at the College.