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Spirit Art

All mediumship works through the capacity of the creative mind. Spirit art is a potential that lays within the developmental capacity of many mediums and it is a door that we at the Arthur Findlay college feel privileged to help our students unlock.

A course at the college will endeavour to show you how to combine your mediumistic ability with your artistic skills to bring not only accurate evidence of survival of the soul but often an accurate picture of the person who has passed to the spirit world.

Spirit art takes many forms and the joy of working with inspirational creativity is that creative expression can be shown not only in the production of spirit portraiture but also in intuitive art made of colour, patterns , symbols and word. These treasures can be accompanied by intuitive readings writings and poetry and can inspire uplift and heal the recipient.

Should you attend a creative week we would hope to encourage your own unique ability to emerge, working with you to sharpen not only your evidential mediumship and intuitive ability but to support you in your journey to unlock your own creative soul.

No artistic ability is needed , a open mind, a loving heart and a willingness to experiment is all that is required. You will be supported by strong, patient and experienced tutors and will find you are provided with a joyful environment in which to learn.